For a Seamless Experience mobile application creates a dynamic network among Customers, Vendors and Delivery Agents. It provides an unmatched user experience on your Android, IOS mobile phones and desktop devices.

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AnyShop has some unique features which helps to satisfy all your needs.

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Features consists of unique features which assists and enhances the relationship between Customers, Shops and Delivery Companions.

App Installation

Does not require installation storage space on your mobile.

Store Collection

Helps you identify the shops based on user preference and grants access to view new products, discounts, and promotions within the shop.

Order Creation

Order placement for individual shops with additional features of customized individualized texts, image attachments and special instructions.

Follow up Orders

Helps to trace the progress of pending orders and order history.

Map positioning

Helps to ease the delivery process and organizes the delivery route with the use of Maps and pins based on the delivery address.

Invite Friends

Easy to add new customers, Shops and Delivery Companions to expand the current network. - Your one stop App that
opens a wide range of benefits

As a Customer: You have the advantage of easy accessibility to local vendors, order placement and home delivery with existing products or customized products with personalized scripts, images and special instructions to your orders.

As a Shop: You have the benefit of promoting your business online with a clear online presence. This will boost your revenue and increase market share. With the direct communication with customers through the system creates more connected to end-customers. With the option of inviting friends to join as delivery companions, the delivery process can be linked and managed easily even when you do not have your own delivery service.

As a Delivery Companion: You can optimize timely service through the order alert system which indicates the order progress and readiness to be collected and delivered. You can work full time or part time effectively utilizing your time to maximize your income.

How it works

Simply create a shortcut icon on your mobile apps collection to easily access The PWA platform does not require any storage space from your mobile.

Step 01

Search through the shops collection and select your preferred shop.

Step 02

Place an order against the selected shop based on the available item list or your own item or text with images. The addition of customize instruction is similarly possible.

Step 03

Accept orders from the selected shop and get informed about the total amounts and further information

Step 04

Delivery acceptance by delivery companion, order pick up and deliver to customer. Cash on Delivery.

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